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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Want to feel beautiful??

Brenda color matching me for shine control
Everyone wants to feel beautiful.  I’m lucky I know someone who can help me do just that.  With the help of makeup artist Brenda Azevedo - Just B Cosmetic’s founder, and mineral  makeup artist extraordinaire I get personal attention and creative tweaks to my makeup.  I always enjoy my visit with Brenda, and she always shares tips and hints I can use.  I also like that I can get the help I need to master my new makeup look.
One of Brenda's friends did made beauty for her.

You might remember Brenda as the talented lady who remixed all my stash of mineral makeup?  We all know mineral makeup is expensive, so it kept me from throwing away money (and makeup)

Brenda custom blends natural (mineral make-up) and cosmetics, to show off one’s natural beauty. Her experience and years in the industry have given Brenda a fresh and unique way to create cosmetics which suit the needs of different types of skin, namely yours!
Trying some new skin care products

Brenda’s custom Blended Mineral Makeup will be an exact match, and it won't show a line on the side of your face.  I use the oil free, non-comedogenic formula primer since I have oily skin.  Brenda makes up this formula with test tube accuracy, always color matching on my skin to ensure a good custom foundation match.

On this last appointment she introduced me to a new more gentle cleansing line, "Tecniche."  She introduced me to the esthetician in her salon and too  was friendly and smart.  I can’t wait to see if these packets change the look and feel of my skin.

Brenda also has a special chapter in this Style book sharing make-up tips.  These great helpful hints and ideas to try.  Check it out.If you go to her web site she will sell it to you for only $22.00 including shipping.

I love the book, and I think you will too!
Until next time..


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