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Friday, March 16, 2012

DIY Kid's Apron!

Here is a fun project for your kids or grand kids from my daughter and current guest-bloger, Jenna Strain. 


Today my son was walking around with a ratty old dish towel trying to figure out how to use it as an apron while "taking my order."  One of his favorite things to do is get a little pen and notepad out and ask us what we want for dinner.  He then goes over to his little BBQ grill and cooks us whatever we please.  

So, while seeing him struggle today I thought... why don't I just make a little apron for him.  I didn't feel like getting any fabric out and frankly I wanted the project to be as simple and easy as possible so he could help me with it.  Well, this is definitely easy and simple. Please be kind, I am no seamstress, but we had fun together!

In case you would like to make one of these for your kid, grand kid, or any kid...  well, here is what I did! 

1.  First, we went through our towel drawer and found a boy-looking (emphasis on boy) dish towel.  Yes, you should probably iron the towel if it's a wrinkled mess, but that would have added a step for me...

2.  Next, I made a fold in the center of it so that he would have a pocket in the middle of the apron (I used my little man to determine the location of the pocket).  I pinned along the sides sides.

3.  Then I made two triangular folds  on either side of the top of the apron and pinned those down.

4.  Next, I used my son to help measure the correct length of the ribbon -- long enough so he can put it on and take it off himself, but not too long so as not to protect his shirt.

5.  I then pinned the ribbon into the triangular folds.

6.  Then I took the apron to the sewing machine and sewed all the edges.  

7.  Had I been thinking I would have done this sooner, but I went ahead and sewed vertical lines in the big pocket to make some smaller pockets for his pen and notebook to fit in nicely.  I also sewed a horizontal line on the bottom of the pocket (again, don't be like me and do these two steps earlier -- oops!).

8.  Next, I used my son to measure the length of the two back ribbons.  I then pinned them and sewed them just above the pocket.

9.  Then I had my son, model the apron (oh what fun it is to try and take a picture of a 3-year-old boy), these are the best I could get!

If you do decide to make one, post it on here so I can check it out!

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