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Sunday, March 24, 2013

San Diego's Old Town is a source of Insperation

 The Mexican "Style" Makes Me Happy!

I have been reading this book on Traditional Mexican Style.  You can't help but smile when you see the bright colors and bold designs.  While in San Diego for business I took an afternoon to see a friend and explore Old Town San Diego's retail, restaurants and home decor. 
 Colorful blankets are one of the most common buys when collecting. 

 We ate at this wonderful cafe.  We had a nice spot next to a fountain.  They make home-made tortillas here and the waiters wear a wonderful big smile.  They had lunch specials that were quite reasonable, and large portions.

This is my friend Teddy.  She and I have worked together, but what we really like to do it chat about family, home and life.  I always enjoy my time spent with her.  Look at the size of our meal!

The gardens and flowers in Old Town San Diego are beautiful.  I love succulents and these more arid plants.  It really feels like you are stepping back in time.  The stores are fun to explore.  I like the variety and special treasures. Teddy has collected Mexican styled pottery, accessories, textiles and dishes in the 1970's.  It was fun to reminisce and see so many of the same designs and influences coming back in fashion.

 Here are a few succulents I do not have...Richard and I have a special succulent garden where we collect succulents from all over California.

 Here is Teddy leading the way to the shops.  Look how colorful it is with the umbrellas.

 Here are some things I enjoyed taking a look at.  I took pictures to share with you.

Mexican Talavera ceramic tile mirrors and metallic punched tin mirrors.

Also you see sacred heart mirrors prove precisely why Mexico is renowned for colorful and unique tin mirror frames.

I loved these bright and colorful Mexican Talavera dishes.  These hand painted pieces combine influence from both Spanish settlers and native Mexican pottery makers, resulting in Mediterranean style designs. Some of these had bumpy risen paint accents (beautiful) with somewhat more vivid colors and more primitive designs. 


 Pottery Tile - The Mexican handmade Talavera ceramic tiles are beautiful. In the 16th century Talavera pottery was introduced to Mexico by the Spaniards. Mexico has a deep history in arts and craft, a country  rich with culture and folklore.

A milagro, (Spanish for "miracle") or ex-voto (from "my vow" in Latin) are small charms, generally made of gold, silver, copper or brass, which the faithful believe are endowed with spiritual powers, which when offered to a saint can heal and help preserve overall well-being. They are also given in gratitude for prayers fulfilled
 The we drove to the Midway and looked at the installation of the newest piece of outdoor art: A giant statue a World War II sailor kissing a nurse -- near the Midway on Harbor Drive in San Diego
 And the Bob Hope Military statues...a "National Salute to Bob Hope and the Military" The statue park cost $1.5 million, and was funded by the port of San Diego, Navy vets of World War II's Battle of Leyte Gulf and the Hope family. The plaza and sculpture were opened the summer of 2009.

My brother Jon loves Bob Hope and listens often to the radio shows.  This statue "garden" had some very real looking bronzed
And the Midway, a real US Navy aircraft carrier (USS Midway)
They are so real like....For more information on the Statues I encourage you to check out  There are descriptions and information about each statue.

Ended the afternoon with a hot drink and conversation before Teddy dropped me back to the airport.  Spending the afternoon with a friend is so relaxing and fun.  I'll be sure to give you a call when I get your way...

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