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Saturday, March 30, 2013

How do you decorate for Easter?

Easter Inspiration 2013

Pull out your box of Easter...and lets get started.  You must know by now that I love the Holidays.  In fact when asked what is my favorite Holiday I always say..."the next one!"

Here are a few photos from my own home decorating.

 Here is a "fix up" of a 1980's Easter Tree.  Many of the wooden bunnies and eggs had fallen off and been lost.  When I found some Wooden Easter items in a bag at a Goodwill thrift store I knew I could salvage this tree as a memory for my girls.

 I have been cleaning out holiday boxes as the holiday approaches.  Here was the before of the Easter tree given to the girls in 1988.  Many pieces were broken or had fallen off so I began by gluing the bunnies and eggs and grass back on the dowel tree.

 Here is where the girls grandmother signed the tree - in 1988!  My youngest daughter Kelsey wasn't even born yet.
I still had eggs and bunnies left over so I drilled some holes into the wooden eggs and added some wooden beads.  Okay this took MUCH longer than I thought it would, so I made only a small garland.
 Here is the garland in the dining room..maybe I'll rework the idea and make more next year.
Of course I like to have Easter all over the house.  In the Nook area I added this Birds nest.  I had found it on the ground while on a walk in our neighborhood.  The broken birds eggs were still inside the nest.  Tragic!  I added:
An old silver pitcher with olive branches from our tree out front.
A "found" bird house made many years ago.
Also pulled in the antique china spice containers.
A cute ceramic rabbit in a pot.
A upcycled cake stand that holds the nest - It's a china plate and single candlestick that I glues together using E6000 - Make one for yourself...directions here:
And the old tray I have had for years, and just keep reusing it.
A few years ago, when we moved into this house I made this toile fabric table runner.

I like that all the decorations do not have to be pastels...

This is my oldest decoration and belonged to my grandma Elsie.  It's a gold embellished paper mache' egg and candy eggs from the 1950's.  There is a  scene inside and they were made by my grandma.  The bunny I bought last year at one of my favorite "decor" places...Pottery World in Rocklin, CA
 These are Rosbro hard plastic Easter bunny toys, and some more of those 1980"s eggs (Yep the bag of wooden Easter crafts was quite large.) The bunnies are in yellow and pink pastels.. They measure about 4-1/4" tall x 2"deep. These toys were probably in an Easter basket in the 1940's
These pieces were played with. There are some scuffs and scratches. I'm so glad to have them as they make a cute display.

 Here is a classic bunny on the hall table.  This year I added two chicks, and some eggs in a basket. (More olive branches.)

 I always put out the plastic eggs that we fill with change, hard candy and small erasers, balls and trinkets.  I always put a small duck in for the grandkids to point out.  This is so simple.
This is my table and chairs out front on the front porch.  I added two large ceramic geese, a woven table runner and another glass urn of fake eggs.  This time the eggs are the peach, green and purple's. (Yes the geese are from the 1980's, so glad I didn't throw them out.

This is that "chocolate looking" Eater Bunny I got at Pottery World.  I like it in the kitchen too.
 Here is a tray I filled with Eater Decor and use as a centerpiece on the Diningroom table.  There are a lot of keepsakes in the tray

This darling set of children's dishes belonged to my mother.  Don't you just love the pastel rim on the eggshell plate.
 These bunnies were gifts for me for my very first Easter that I hosted at my house.  I made the cake stands by gluing together those china plates and crystal candle holders.
 The white bunny pitcher in the back was old.  I use it or water on the Easter table.  Doilies are from my grandma...
 This cute blue and white book shelve my grandma Ellen painted for my daughter Kelsey's room in the 1980's.  It is a treasure.  It has four pegs to hang things. 
I love how dainty the cups and saucers are..I have a few odd dishes I keep with this set.  Our granddaughter Kiera is getting old enough now that I will have to get them out when she comes next and make up a "Teddy bear tea party."
So now I've shared, now it's your turn...what do you like to decorate with at Easter?
Just added:
 This lovely little feather tree was purchased on Etsy a few years back.  I love how it looks with my Benjamin Moore "Straw" colored walls and odd Eater eggs to decorate it.
 This little tea pot is my spring tea pot of choice.  I received this as a gift more than 10 years ago and love it still today.
 Grandson Beau, checking out one of my Easter cakes...gotta love the color of those "peeps"
 My Mom and Dad with Beau at the Easter table last year.  Miss my dad now ;(
And the real thing I love about Easter, gathering eggs in the back yard with the grandkids!

Bye for now...

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